Friday, August 28, 2009

Second Day - 8 participants today!

I received 6 payments of $3.50 today by mail, and 2 in person. It was very exciting to get that much mail in one day, especially the fact that they weren't bills or junk mail. I have 3 requests for 20 minute drawings, 1 request for me to pick up dog poop for 20 minutes, and 2 requests for advice, one regarding how to properly paint an outdoor table, the other help in designing a business card. Another person wants me to spend 20 minutes with an animal at the humane society...despite my allergies I may wear rubber gloves. Many people neglected to tell me how they wanted me to work for the $3.50. It made me think of different ways I could do this. I could offer up ideas to them, ways I could do things in the community perhaps: picking up litter in my neighborhood, talking to a lonely person, etc. I guess it would be like "gifting" your 20 minutes in a way. I'm not sure. I hope I get more suggestions.


  1. It's good to see people using creativity and ingenuity in this economy! Best of luck and I may ask you to read and critique one of my blogs, lol. Just gotta find $3.50 myself. Ahhh, us starving artists. humph.

  2. Thanks. Sounds like a worthy exchange. I'll check out your blogs.