Sunday, August 30, 2009

Received 5 more yesterday. The visual potential of 100 different envelopes is exciting. Each one is so different. I can't wait to see the whole collection.

As far as the 20 minute labor goes, I've done some 20 minute drawings and have some outstanding requests to pick up dog poop, help design a business card, collect plastic water bottles, write down my fears, then burn the paper, and give a 20 minute critique of someones art work. (with some encouraging words)

Having other people involved in an art piece really forces me to rise to the occasion. I'm energized and want to deliver the goods. I was thinking I would show this in a gallery space but now I'm thinking it makes sense to show it in my apartment. Maybe I'll have a barbecue or something. Not sure yet. So far I see displaying the collection of envelopes in some interesting way and projecting images and text from the project...images of labor, money exchange, written/email exchanges, etc.

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