Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Beginning

The Rent Project is something I came up with a few weeks after losing my job at Lowe's. The idea for The Rent Project came from the necessity to pay my rent as well as the need to reengage with my community after about three months of depression. Here is the basic project.

1) I request $3.50 cash (3 bills, 2 quarters) from 100 people to pay my rent, $350. I am using Facebook, email and craigslist to contact people about the project. For the $3.50, I offer 20 minutes of labor. If you live nearby, I may mow a section of your lawn, fix a door knob, etc. If you live far from me, you could request a 20 minute drawing, advice, art idea, etc. The possibilities are practically limitless.

2) I will then create installation, displaying envelopes, neatly stacked bills and quarters, documentation of work exchange, anything related to the process/evolution of the piece, and invite landlady to show.

3) My address is 80 Division Street, 2nd Floor, Troy, NY 12180

4) I will stop at 100 people and send back anything beyond 100.

Background: I am a sculptor/performance/installation artist and have been for almost 20 years. Many of you know me, many don't. If you don't feel free to glance at my website

A few weeks ago, I was fired from Lowe's for drawing on the bathroom walls. I was making $10.60 an hour. $3.50 is practically a third of that, hence the 20 minutes labor. My rent is actually $450 but my landlady allows me to do $100 worth of work on the apartment, painting, finishing cabinets, installing molding, etc. So I take advantage of that.

I am certain this project will generate some interesting material, connect me to new people, and of course pay my rent. This is also an attempt to get myself out of a rut. I've been in a funk for months, retreating into a cave-like existence. This is one attempt to resurface. This will challenge me to go outside myself though art.

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thank you.

PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO OTHERS. It's no easy to task to get 100 people involved in something....

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