Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Old Sculpture.

A friend from Graduate School, Laura, sent me a very beautifully organized package with $3.50, a small box folded, newspaper for packing (The Onion), and postage. She requested this sculpture that she once saw on my staircase almost a year ago. At the time I was leaving little wooden pieces about and this one could be seen between the railing supports on one of the steps up to my apartment. But I moved away from this apartment for a few months before returning and left a lot of things behind. So when I got Laura's letter, I wasn't sure if it was still around. It wasn't on the stairs. It turns out my landlady had it in her shop which is below my apartment and close to where it was on the stairs. She ended up with a few of my little pieces that were floating around. It was a little awkward getting it from her. She may have grown attached. It was hard to tell. But she has other things of mine and will probably end up with more so I didn't feel to bad asking for this. But it was a little awkward. Whatever. I made a bunch of these from bandsaw cutoffs and glue. Anyway, I put it in the box and mailed it off today.

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