Thursday, September 17, 2009

Close to Half.

I have close to 50 envelopes. I'm almost done completing all tasks, but playing catch up right now. I realize how challenging it is to reach 100 people. I've never been a strong self promoter but I'm learning. One thing I need to work on is being clearer about my ideas. However, I'm not always sure about where a project is going until I get started. I'm finding with The Rent Project, many people want me to direct them. What I want is the opposite. I want them to direct me. Sure, there is a basic framework, but who is to say rules can't be broken? Some have already broken them. I've gotten requests for labors beyond 20 minutes and have received payment through paypal and by check. I see myself as a facilitator and want to basically assemble all this material in a fairly simple way. There is certainly a style to how I document the process and how I carry out these 20 minute actions. I suppose that is my contribution. But more than anything, this is about communication and my own struggle to communicate and connect to others. Art is a go between for me and it has been both successful and unsuccessful.

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